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gary gray

"A Woman's Face" (MGM, 1941)
"Sun Valley Serenade" (20th, 1941)
"Meanest Man in the World" (20th, 1943)
"It's a Great Life" (Columbia, 1943)
"Two Tickets to London" (Universal, 1943)
"Alaska Highway" (Paramount, 1944)
"Heaven Can Wait" (20th, 1943)
"Where Are Your Children?" (Monogram, 1943)
"Beautiful But Broke" (Columbia, 1944)
"Address Unknown" (Columbia, 1944)
"Gaslight" (MGM, 1944)
"White Cliffs of Dover" (MGM, 1944)
"Once Upon a Time" (Coumbia, 1944)
"Meet Me in St. Louis" (MGM, 1944)
"I'll Be Seeing You" (Selznick-International, 1944)
"I Am an American" (Warner Bros. short, 1944)
"And to Think I Saw It On Mulberry Street" (George Pal short, 1944)
"Youth for the Kingdom" (Lutheran Church, 1945)
"The Clock" (MGM, 1945)
"It Happened in Springfield" (Warner Bros. short, 1945)
"Adventures of Rusty" (Columbia, 1945)
"Men in Her Diary" (Universal, 1945)
"To Each His Own" (Paramount, 1946)
"Rendezvous 24" (20th, 1946)
"Little Mr. Jim" (MGM, 1946)
"Slightly Scandalous" (Universal, 1946)
"Three Wise Fools" (MGM, 1946)
"Three Little Girls in Blue" (20th, 1946)
"The Wonderful Ears of Johnny McGoggin" (short, 1946)
"Gay Bubbles" (short, 1946)
"My Brother Talks to Horses" (MGM, 1947)
"Backlash" (20th, 1947)
"Too Many Winners" (PRC, 1947)
"The Millerson Case" (Columbia, 1947)
"Living in a Big Way" (MGM, 1947)
"High Conquest" (Monogram, 1947)
"Swing the Western Way" (Columbia, 1947)
"Heaven Only Knows" (United Artists, 1947)
"Dark Delusion" (MGM, 1947)
"The Best Man Wins" (Columbia, 1948)
"Return of the Bad Men" (RKO, 1948)
"Fighting Back" (20th, 1948)
"Night Wind" (20th, 1948)
"Rachel and the Stranger" (RKO, 1948)
"Whispering Smith" (Paramount, 1948)
"Tenth Avenue Angel" (MGM, 1948)
"Pal's Return" (RKO short, 1948)
"Gun Smugglers" (RKO, 1948)
"Henry, the Rainmaker" (Monogram, 1948)
"I Found a Dog" (RKO short, 1949)
"Streets of San Francisco" (Republic, 1949)
"Leave It to Henry" (Monogran, 1949)
"Girl From Jones Beach" (Warner Bros., 1949)
"Masked Raiders" (RKO, 1949)
"Dog of the Wild" (RKO short, 1949)
"The Great Lover" (Paramount, 1949)
"It's Your Health" (Dental Hygiene short, 1949)
"Father is a Bachelor" (Columbia, 1950)
"Father Makes Good" (Monogram, 1950)
"The Next Voice You Hear..." (MGM, 1950)
"Pal, Canine Detective" (RKO short, 1950)
"Pal, Fugitive Dog" (RKO short, 1950)
"Two Weeks with Love" (MGM, 1950)
"Father's Wild Game" (Monogram, 1950)
"Spic and Span" (promotional short, 1950)
"Jimmy Fund for Boston's Children's Hospital" (Charity short, 1950)
"The Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Story" (MGM, 1951)
"Pal's Gallant Journey" (RKO short, 1951)
"Father Takes the Air" (Monogram, 1951)
"The Painted Hills" (MGM, 1951)
"Rodeo" (Monogram, 1952)
"Crazylegs, All American" (Republic, 1953)
"The First Hundred Days" (Military short, 1955)
"Teenage Rebel" (20th, 1956)
"Emergency Hospital" (United Artitsts, 1956)
"Wild Heritage" (Universal-International, 1958)
"Party Crashers" (Paramount, 1958)
"Terror of Black Falls" (Independent, 1962)
"Movietown, USA" (1950)
"AMC" (1950)
"Dub Taylor Show" (1951 pilot)
"Pantomime Quiz" (1951)
"Family Theater--The Family Next Door" (1951)
"Family Theater--Springtime for Gramps" (1952)
"Fireside Theater--The Secret" (1952)
"Annie Oakley--Annie and the Six O'Spades" (1954)
"Captain Midnight--Deadly Diamonds" (1954)
"Cavalcade of America--The Texas Rangers" (1955)
"You Are There--the Boston Tea Party" (1955)
"Make Room for Daddy" (1956)
"Hey, Jeannie--Jeannie the Caddy" (1956)
"Studio 57--the Baxter Boy" (1956)
"Cavalcade of America--The Jackie Jensen Story"(1956)
"The Lineup--The Ringing Bells Case" (1956)
"Adventures of Jim Bowie--Jim Bowie Comes Home" (1956)
"Adventures of Jim Bowie--The Outlaw Kingdom" (1956)
"December Bride--Football Hero" (1956)
"Cavalcade of America--the Two Worlds of Nicolo" (1957)
"I Love Lucy--Lucy Misses the Mertzes" (1957)
"Live and Legend of Wyatt Earp--the Nice Ones Always Die First" (1957)
"Man Without a Gun--The Fugitive" (1957)
"Family Theater--Think of These Things" (1958)
"Tumbleweed: Baron of Purgatory" (pilot, 1958)
"26 Men--Dog Eat Dog" (1958)
"26 Men--My Brother's Keeper" (1958)
"Trackdown--The Feud" (1959)
"Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp--The Buntline Special" (1960)
"100 Years of the Hollywood Western" (1994)
"Wild Bill: Hollywood Maverick" (1996)

Favorite Movie
"Rachel and the Stranger," filmed on location near Eugene Oregon for 11 weeks in May-July, 1947, is Gary Gray's favorite movie.  He tested with Loretta Young against Bobby Driscoll, and it was Miss Young who gave the A-Okay sign to cast Gary as Young Davey.

In this area I'll talk about what I think is this star's best movie. I'll try to explain why I think it's their best work and why it's important to me personally.
"The Next Voice You Hear..." is my personal favorite of Gary Gray's movies---all one needs do is to watch it, and you'll see why.  In Dore Schary's book, it is revealed that Bobby Hyatt was cast as Johnny, but that three other boys were outside.  It was decided to give the three a reading, anyway.  When Gary tested, Bobby was removed, and Master Gray cast in the part.

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